Z4 ENERGY SYSTEMS, LLC 25 Dizzy Horse Road Buford, Wyoming 82052 U.S.A. (307)766-5044

Test Site

The 10 acre Buford test site and prototyping workshop is situated at 8,000 ft. elevation on the high prairie in southeastern Wyoming in a Class 6 wind regime featuring:

  • 73 ft. self-raising monopole tower
  • MET instrumentation at 10 meters
  • Data loggers
  • High-speed internet for real-time monitoring

25 Dizzy Horse Road, Buford, Wyoming USA 82052


Steven Turner

Georgia Gayle

Z4 solves problems for rural homes, farms, ranches and small business by developing useful, smart residential scale renewable energy products.

Core Strengths

Z4 is strong in technical design and development of renewable energy systems and electronic controls, specializing in equipment for harsh operating environments.

  • Computer modeling for wind and solar equipment
  • Finite element analysis
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Aerodynamic design of small wind turbine blades
  • Hands-on prototyping, testing and commissioning
  • Residential-scale wind and solar system design
  • Electronic control systems
  • Securing funding for product development

Company Background

Z4 Energy Systems, LLC was started during 2004 in Guernsey, WY by Steven Turner and Georgia Gayle


In 2006, Z4 moved to its current location in the Wyoming Technology Business Center in Laramie, WY, a technology business incubator operated by the University of WY in cooperation with the Wyoming Business Council.

About Z4 Energy Systems, LLC