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Hybrid-electric vehicle. Design Targets: 40 MPH top speed, 30 mile range, 860 lb vehicle weight

Design Targets: 13-1/2' vehicle height, 3 wheels, 40 MPH safe wind speed in tail or crosswind.


Previous Projects with UW College of Engineering Students

2011-2012 RideWY Senior Design TeamĀ  built the second wind powered racer.

Jan-June 2012 Josh Lowe, MBA Student, researched and prepared a Distribution Strategy for livestock water deicing applications for the Solar Stock Tank Heater.

Sept-Dec 2012 Anne Lawrence, MBA Student, researched and prepared a Market Study on alternate markets for solar deicing applications.

Previous Projects with UW College of Business Students


Z4 solves problems for rural homes, farms, ranches and small business by developing useful, smart residential scale renewable energy products.

During the school year, Z4 sponsors University of Wyoming College of Engineering student senior design teams and Laramie High School STEM Lab students to design, build and test alternative energy powered vehicles.

Project #1, A 100% wind powered land racing vehicle is designed and built to compete in the Celebration of Wind race held in Rawlins, WY each year in late April or early May.

Project #2, University of Wyoming students design, build and test an all-electric mini baja style off-road vehicle.

This work is funded by Wyoming NASA Space Grant Consortium.


University of Wyoming Student Project Participation

Zephyr Racing


2010-2011 UWynd Senior Design Team built the first wind powered racer. Awarded "Best in Show" at the 2011 Celebration of Wind Race.


EBaja Team conversion from Hybrid to all-electric on mini-baja frame

Conversion from sail to solid wing by Laramie High School STEM student.