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Z4 solves problems for rural homes, farms, ranches and small business by developing useful, smart residential scale renewable energy products.

The Problem with pasture feeding livestock year-around is that water tanks freeze up in winter and a deicer is needed.

  • Grid power may be unavailable or costly in remote pastures
  • Deicing alternatives such as propane are impractical
  • Thawing by overflowing well water wastes water
  • Continuously pumping water creates ice and mud
  • Chopping ice every day is time and labor intensive
  • Abandoning remote pastures increases feed costs
  • Feed lots create animal waste and health problems

The Solution is Z4's 100% solar powered stock tank deicer.  

  • Melts and maintains a 2' hole in the ice during the day
  • Tested in -20º F. night and +6º F. day temperatures
  • Relocate with a flatbed pickup for pasture rotations
  • Use with any stock tank
  • No maintenance or fuel required
  • Backup plan: plug in to a generator during snow and fog
  • 30+ year lifetime


Preliminary prototypes were tested for two winter seasons. A manufacture-ready prototype is being field tested during 2015/16 winter and will be ready to manufacture in 2016.

Z4 seeks a ranch equipment distributor who wants to add a relocatable, 100% solar powered stock tank deicer to their product line.

Please contact Georgia at z4webmail@gmail.com


  • Improves winter pasture management
  • Water available when livestock usually drink
  • Reduces year-around feed cost
  • Eligible for renewable energy tax incentives and cost-sharing
  • Reduces dependence on foreign energy


"This material is based upon work supported by the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, under Agreement No. 2012-33610-19942 of the Small Business Innovation Research Grants Program"

Kevin Lule, Principal Investigator

Product: Solar Powered Livestock Watering Tank Deicer